When you want to choose a dress for you, first you have to know what body shape you have. If you choose a dress who suits your body shape then you look gorgeous but if you choose a dress that doesn’t suit your body shape then, it’s not perfect dress for you. So first you have to know about your body shapes and requirements. These are the simple questions you have to know about yourself. Full Figure lingerie.

  1. I can explain my body shape as
  • I am bigger in hips, thighs, and butt. Pear shaped.
  • I have a larger waistline, lean legs, and thinner hips. Apple-Shaped.
  • I don’t have many curves on my body. Celery-shaped.
  • I have a thinner waist and I am curvy too. Hour-glass shaped.
  1. I want to hide or minimize my, when I wear a dress:
  • Stomach
  • Hips/thighs
  • Curves
  • Arms
  1. I want to highlight my, when I wear a dress:
  • Thin waist
  • Lean Legs
  • Broad shoulder
  • Curvy figure
  1. How would I describe my shoulders, one word for my shoulders:
  • Rounded/Soft
  • Broad
  • Toned
  • Narrow/Thin
  1. What do I want in cleavage:
  • Show a little
  • Keep it covered
  • Show a lot
  • Wait…. What cleavage?
  1. Did I want to show my bottom half in a skirt?
  • Show off my legs
  • Add volume to my lower half
  • Skirts that hug my body closely
  • Looser, longer skirts
  1. I accessorize, I get the most compliments when I wear:
  • To draw attention to my waist, Belts
  • To draw attention to my legs, Heels
  • To draw attention to my shoulders scarves or earrings
  • To draw attention to my chest, Necklace
  1. I don’t want to wear is:
  • A turtle neck top
  • A dress without tailoring
  • A tube top
  • A ruffled or pleated skirt
  1. My height is:
  • Good above average- at least 5’8”
  • Above average- 5’6” to 5’8”
  • Below average – 5’4” or less
  • Pretty average – 5’4” to 5’6”
  1. I describe my neck as:
  • Long and thin
  • A little wide
  • Thin, but average in length
  • Fairly average

When you answer these questions to yourself then you can buy the best dress that suits you. Unlined Lingerie.



  • First, do the lean forward test to know that only your shoulders are reveal.
  • Be sure that any fabric not cut, when you moves your shoulders.
  • For the nervous shoulder-flasher, Long or elbow-length sleeves are best.
  • Avoid statement necklaces. The quick look of the shoulders is the focus. Microfiber Lingerie.

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